Classic Meat Cleaver 9" Handmade German Steel

The Classic Cleaver is one of the most impressive knives made! Hand crafted from German steel, this is a full tang knife with the top edge being almost 1/3" thick solid stainless steel. The blade has been hammered so that it is slightly thinner at the front (vs the rear of the blade) making heavy tasks easier by increasing leverage.  Stainless-steel handle caps add stability, strength and act as a counter weight giving even weight distribution from tip to end. To maintain the natural grain of the wood handles, rub occasionally with a mix of 50% olive oil and 50% white vinegar.  Comes with a natural wood storage box. Steel: High quality stain resistant German 1.4116 stainless steel, full tang. Top edge is approx. 1/3” (7mm) thick and tapers to an edge sharpened to 25 degrees. Hardness: 56 RWH +/- 1 Handle: Natural Italian Olive Wood or American Walnut Blade length: 9” (23cm) Total knife length: 13 ¾” (35 cm) Approx weight: 3 pounds (1,300 grams)

    Client Reviews

    Don’t trust our word

    The best grill I ever had!

    By far. Meat always come out succulent and tasty, with a slight smokey hints. Just a perfection!”

    — John, Alabama

    Easy to use, easy to clean

    I bought this one for my husband and he is super happy! It’s very easy to fire up and once all the tasty food is eaten it is cleaned in 10 minutes. Beauty!”

    — Anne, Oregon

    Superior build quality and results

    Grillworks is suggested to me and I am so glad I visited the site. Guys are helpful and helped me choose the perfect model for my brother. He is not leaving his back yard anymore!”

    — Roberta, New York