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Flat Top Essentials Kit

Flat Top Essentials Kit


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Unlock the full potential of your flat top grill with the Traeger Flat Top Grill Essentials Kit. It includes a set of must-have tools to help you griddle like a seasoned pro. The set of two spatulas—one solid, one slotted—will be you move food around, flips burgers, and more. Use the scraper to keep your flat top grill clear of debris and chop food on the fly. And the bottles allow precision placement of oil, water, and sauces for frying, steaming, and finishing food. Get this kit and be on your way to griddling greatness.


· Full set of griddling essentials to get you started

· Includes scraper, solid spatula, slotted spatula, and two squeeze bottles

· Scraper for cleaning grill and chopping food

· Spatulas for lifting, flipping, and moving food

· Squeeze bottles for precision placement of oil, water, and sauces

· Stainless steel spatulas and scraper

· Dishwasher-safe BPA-free plastic bottle construction