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The PK Grill has something of a cult following in the South, for a couple good reasons. For one, Southerners take grilling pretty darn seriously, and for two these cast aluminum grills are near indestructible—many of the thousands from the original run in the ‘60s and ‘70s are still around today. PK was brought back to life in the late ‘90s when they started making their classic grill again, and they subsequently added the PK360 to their lineup, one of the sleekest, most effective and durable grills we’ve ever seen.

  • Cast aluminum body is rust-proof and ultra-durable
  • Grill hinge cast into the firebox and hood, no moving parts to rust or wear out
  • Aluminum body conducts heat efficiently and creates a convection effect when the lid is closed
  • Highly portable: use the grill capsule by itself or with the wheeled pedestal base, grill capsule can sit on uneven surfaces thanks to rear stabilizer feet
  • Twin cylinder intakes and upper radial vents give you precise control of temperature and airflow
  • Exceptional performance in both hot and fast (grilling) or low and slow (barbeque) cooking
  • Internal ash roofs prevent ash from falling into the lower air vents
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel cooking grate and charcoal grate
  • Hinged section on cooking grate for easy addition of more coals
  • Dual heat-resistant, durable and removable shelves provide workspace with steel bar for hanging accessories
  • Pedestal base with aluminum foot and quick-release knob for easy removal the grill capsule
  • Aluminum grill capsule guaranteed for 10 years against burnout, rust or breakage
  • Includes PK360 Grill, pedestal base, two shelves, hardware and assembly instructions
  • Cast aluminum body
  • 316 stainless steel cooking and charcoal grates
  • Durabilium shelves
  • Dimensions: 43” W x 54” H x 23” D
  • Weight: 90 lbs (w/ pedestal and shelves)
  • Heavy duty charcoal rack: 1.9” H x 9.6” D x 13” W


    Client Reviews

    Don’t trust our word

    The best grill I ever had!

    By far. Meat always come out succulent and tasty, with a slight smokey hints. Just a perfection!”

    — John, Alabama

    Easy to use, easy to clean

    I bought this one for my husband and he is super happy! It’s very easy to fire up and once all the tasty food is eaten it is cleaned in 10 minutes. Beauty!”

    — Anne, Oregon

    Superior build quality and results

    Grillworks is suggested to me and I am so glad I visited the site. Guys are helpful and helped me choose the perfect model for my brother. He is not leaving his back yard anymore!”

    — Roberta, New York