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Ultimate Smashed Burger Kit

Ultimate Smashed Burger Kit


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Start making next-level burgers and more with the Traeger Ultimate Smashed Burger Kit. It includes a set of three tools that will help you achieve next-level smashed burgers on your flat top grill. The Flat Top Grill Spatula XL makes it easy to flip patties and lift even the heftiest of loaded burgers. Use the Cast Iron Grill Press to get incredible crusts on your steaks and smash burgers to crispy perfection. And the Flat Top Grill Steam Dome makes it easy to melt cheese, sauté onions and more. Get ready to take your burger game to a new dimension with this kit.


· Set of 3 griddling tools for making perfect burgers

· Includes Flat Top Grill Spatula XL, Steam Dome, & Grill Press

· Use Steam Dome for steaming, melting, and more

· Flat Top Grill Spatula XL is perfect for flipping food and scraping the grill

· Cast Iron Grill Press is weighted for enhancing searing and crisping

· Spatula and steam dome made from stainless steel


· Flat top grill press features coated cast iron construction